About US

Wild Side is the Natural Side


Our group of experienced beekeepers, ( L-R Mike White, Brooke Fulmer, Todd Burgess ),have hives distributed throughout central Nova Scotia. These hives supply pollination services to our own blueberry fields and to other berry producers. You may see our hives as you travel within this area, specifically East Hants, Musquodoboit Valley, Pictou County, East Mountain and the Annapolis Valley. Our hives are managed to encourage the production of excess honey which is then responsibly harvested and used to create simply natural products.

The natural approach to our products ensures a quality product you will feel confident about sharing with your family. Our passion for honey bees and the simplicity of our products will have you coming back for more.

At Wild Side Natural Products Ltd. our  commitment is to provide the best products from our bee hives as well as from the hives of other beekeepers we know and trust and  adhere to the same production  standards. You can be assured that when you buy our products we are honoring the efforts of the bees and maintaining all the goodness that nature provides. All products are processed in a government inspected facility to exacting standards.